Friday, May 15, 2009

NH Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin

Just in from John Hosty-Grinnell and not available elsewhere, the N.H. legislature will make some of the cosmetic tweaks Gov. John Lynch demanded. However, they'll change the religious-rights amplification bill and not the same-sex marriage one.

After a phone chat with Speaker of the House Terie Norelli, he reports that HB73 will get those changes. Then the governor will get the package back.

We'll provide more as we get it.

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Technology News said...

Thank's For SHaring (^_^)..he..3x

Anonymous said...

I hope you're making some good money on the Google ads; right now I see two ads from the "New York Marriage Fund[1]" asking me to contact my State Senator today. (Er, my actual State Senator voted against the anti-Goodridge amendment, and I thanked him for it....)

Hey, if the haters want to funnel their money through Google (who publicly opposed Prop 8) to you, who am I to complain?

[1] Which seems to be NOM (...NOM NOM BIGOTRY HAZ A FLAVR).

massmarrier said...

Fair, ckd. I just tried the Monetize option on Blogger. I'll monitor what it delivers. Last year, I had a single box from Google Adsense; to my horror and amusement, I saw displays for Coulter books. Apparently Google picks up on key words to deliver content. I may reduce the real estate for ads or just drop them if they are too distracting or inappropriate. TBD.