Friday, May 29, 2009

Would-Be Mayor One and Two

Amusingly, Left Ahead! and Blue Mass Group are plunging into the Boston mayoral race. The MSM apparently will twiddle its figurative thumbs until near primary time (Sept. 22).

This week, both blog-like objects interviewed City Councilor Sam Yoon. Next week, we both go for City Councilor Michael Flaherty. That is coincidence, but not a bad one. For Yoon, there was overlap, but at BMG, Bob and David and at LA, Ryan and Mike covered some different ground. I suggest listening to both.
Pic Note: Art adapted from an AIA image — no copyright, so fair use.
For Yoon's shows:
For Flaherty's live streams:
The files will be available on the on-site players afterward. BMG lists its call in number on its site. The LA call in number is on the Flaherty show page.

I am pretty sure, that againwe'll both came at him from different angles.

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