Friday, May 08, 2009

Kicking the Gays Again in Maine

How very odd that the people's veto in Maine is yet again in play. This possible referendum in November this year or June next is schadenfreude at its crudest.

The anti-gay and anti-same-sex marriage folk lost their political butts in the legislature, including endorsement from the governor. They can't and won't stand for it.

They can call it democracy. What it truly is remains wanting to see homosexuals suffer more and longer. It may be enough for some Maine conservatives to know that they delayed implementation of this new reality for months or a year. The public is almost certain to reject an attempt to overturn SSM there, by polls and their behavior on the failed efforts to stomp on gay rights protections recently.

Yet, this abuse of the democratic process in the state constitution says much of the anti-LGBT side.

The totally disrespectful and dishonest Maggie Gallagher in her NOM persona typifies the worst of the anti-gay and anti-SSM folk. She makes only the thinnest passing effort to hide her hatred behind let-the-people-vote and don't-call-me-a-bigot-for-hating lingo. She talks over and shouts down more rational debaters.

Mostly what she shares with the Mass. Family Institute, no longer the Christian Civic League of Maine, and MassResistance sorts is the Whac-A-Mole behavior. Typically, this might involve:
  • Lobby and advertise to influence the legislature.
  • If the lawmakers pass gay rights or SSM, turn to the courts or a referendum.
  • If the courts mandate gay rights or SSM, turn to the legislature or a referendum.
Just as they seem devoid of compassion and humanity and fairness, there is no such thing as taking a loss. If they win at the court level, its self-righteous calls of the rule of law. If they lose at the court level, it's activist judges legislating from the bench. If they win in the legislature, it is democracy proving their point. If they lose in the legislature, it is liberal agenda thwarting the will of the people. If they lose in multiple venues, it's a Prop. 8 call for a ballot initiative.

Oh, and they love to scream that the LBGT people take out-of-state money for political campaigns. This effort on their part is likely to find funding in huge majority from just such carpetbaggers. We won't be hearing them saying they can't take foreigners' cash to hurt homos.

I must confess that I'm older than the average blogger and that I spent much of my childhood in a home and region that inculcated both New Testament ideals, Boy Scout principles, and gentility in children. The Golden Rule was mandatory. Thank you very much.

It is somewhat shocking still to watch the level of hatred and the vitriol of the anti-SSM sorts. Consider too the pretty raw exchanges among trolls on KnowThyNeighbor and SSM supporters on one of my recent posts there. There simply remain some who are determined to harm, hamper and hinder homosexuals.

For the anti side, each of their political victories is a reason to ridicule the pro-equality folk and predict endless losses in this struggle. When it instead is a win for SSM or gay rights, the response is more wait-and-see, you're-going-down. It must be tough particularly now after years of their grabbing anti-SSM amendments to see the surprisingly swift wins for equality numerous states. In fact the future must look alarmingly fair and equal to them. Lackaday.

I am sorry for them. They want marriage to be their private club with new (redefined) rules as religious ritual instead of civil contract. In the mid-term and long-run they are certain to lose that position. They won't go without trying every procedure, trick, lie, and gimmick though. Nothing is too base when they want to control what rights are available to homosexuals.

Meanwhile, check the coverage of the equality folk in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. When they win, it's not rub-in-it time. Instead, it's joy and open arms...for all. Most of us would take that sweetness over the bile of the other side.

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