Friday, February 17, 2006

Dem Rules Shift Still Stinks

Well, as expected, there was more on the state Dems changing who could petition for an instant candidate at the convention.

John Bonifaz is a passionate guy. Some could argue on this case that he was exaggerating to call this a rules change rather than an interpretation. Maybe, but his quacks like a duck.

Party regularly, particularly those who have attended caucuses for many years are used to keeping the right to petition at the convention and put an interloper up for vote. Now, following the causes, the party hacks decide to let the ex-officio delegates help bypass the normal process.

Over at the Blue Mass Group, David wonders in passing whether the fix was in for rich dude Chris Gabrieli, but says that's unknowable. More to the point, he notes, "most of these rules are bullshit, anti-democratic ways to ensure the continued power of the hackocracy."

This has to be deeply disheartening to the party soldiers and lieutenants who support the party, and who also like to play fair.

The comments to Charley on the MTA's posting that David reacts to say a lot -- like " I am telling you. Insiders are not going to allow Patrick to win. It is a club and only one of them will be allowed to win. It is sad," and "So Gabrieli can go 0-3? This Deval supporter will NEVER EVER again have anything to do with Gabrieli again after this attempt by him to have the rules "bent" to get his name on the ballot. It's a waste of time and money on his part. And it says to the rest of the electorate that the DEMS are disorganized.

Just when you think that cliques can't get any more arrogant, pow!

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