Friday, February 17, 2006

Exing Ex-Officio Delegates

Big up, ssachs! Over at the DFA Cambridge blog, the common-sense solution to the delegate sleaze is in plain electrons.

Several of us have fetched, kvetched and moaned about the undemocratic Democratic Party types gaming the system for Chris Gabrieli. The truth from the blog is:
Get rid of ex-officio delegates. Throw 'em out of the convention, every last one. If they want to drop in and join the fun, give out a few hundred visitor's passes by lottery or something. If they want to vote, they're going to have to earn it the "hard" way, at the caucuses.

No, the caucus process won't be very difficult for someone who's won a general election. But in some cases, it will serve as a sort of check-in with the local base as well. If you're a elected official who can't win a delegate's seat at your local caucus, you're gonna have one heck of a time getting those same folks to work the phones for you come Election Day.

Hot stuff...right on, and like that.

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