Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Herald Heralds Bloggers

There is a short hit in today's Boston Herald on bloggers covering politics. The gist is that we are covering stuff that the lumbering mass media are slow to notice.

Kimberly Atkins quotes David at Blue Mass Group and me, along with Cyndi Roy, the state Democratic Party's communications director. We like the headline best — Blogs change face of state politics.

Atkins tees off from the hoo-ha about the DP suddenly seeking justification from their house lawyer to allow Chris Gabrieli an easier time of getting a shot at the state convention of getting on the ballot. The amusing angle is that Roy won't back off on her assertion that everything was kosher with the instant reinterpretation for a fat cat, despite being ridiculed and taken to task by numerous party activists and bloggers, including Lynne at Left in Lowell.

That's the difference between right, righteous and self-righteous.

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