Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pissy and Pertinent

Mariposa at Beyond 495 and Adam at Talking Politics are having a revealing spitting contest. It cuts to the pith of the Democratic side of the governor's race here.

Disclaimer: I agree with Mariposa and commented as much on Adam's post.

She's not in the mood or position to play detached analyst. She's a long-term party activist out in the hustings, doing the bell ringing, phone calling and folding chair warming in meetings.

Adam is looking at the Chrissy come lately Gabrieli ploy of trying to hop into the race after the caucuses as maybe a good thing. Susan says you have to respect the voters and the process.

I'm harsher than that. Gabrieli looks like another rich guy dilettante. Besides, he's already lost two elections. He needs to prove he can win anything, or he should take a hike.

Regardless, the two views at the blogs above are revealing. He is theoretical and she has the nitty gritty. Among them, they represent many Democratic voters in Massachusetts. You already know which one I think is right.

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susan said...

You said what I said so much better - and with much fewer words. LOL