Saturday, February 18, 2006

Not All Dems Dumb

Sprouting from the recent dirt of secretive policy shifts to allow the successful tycoon/failed politician a shot at running for governor are some intriguing ideas.

In particular, over at Progressive Bay State Bloggers in Yahoo Groups, Michael Wilcox and Shari Sachs are kicking this can a little farther down the road. As many us in the past couple of days have, he calls the incestuous, insular party leadership's explanation of its end-run around Deval Patrick "a smokescreen."

More to the point, she suggests:
  • That this latest clumsy ploy is "one of a line of little conflicts which will hopefully culminate somehow or another, in a sea change in party leadership."
  • Activists "should think about what we can do to organize with the DP."
  • Maybe a wiki to document and act as a citizen and media resource for such problems.
  • Creation of a "(very lightweight) press relations office which works to push these sorts of stories out into the press."
  • Dump ex-officio delegates.
She offers one goodness after another.

It's not like the DP leaders get rich off doing it, but they sure do love —— and abuse —— the power. It's past time for us bystanders to stop standing by.


Anonymous said...

It's Shai Sachs. He's a guy.

massmarrier said...

THX, Charley. I think in some faint cortex wrinkle I knew that.

To someone with a much more mundane Hebrew name, that's worth looking up. I see that Shai means gift. I wonder whether it is a cognate for the English Theodore/Theodora with the God part implied.

Regardless, in Israel particularly it can be for either a boy or girl, as befits its meaning. Nice.