Sunday, February 05, 2006

Globe Business Hired Gun

In case you haven't noticed, the Boston Works section of the Sunday Globe has a columnist who is worth reading and is not LITE. Dale Dauten's Corporate Curmudgeon appears on page 2 of the section. He's management insight with wit.

For years, our relatives in places like Santa Fe clipped his columns and forwarded them. They can put down their scissors.

We didn't put a current link in because the rag's search engine is ill. For as long as it works, you can hit on last week's. This one was on the wisdom of the crow, and starts:
Most corporations aspire to being mighty, seeking to be the lions or eagles of their industries. Indeed, the largest and strongest of the business predators are sometimes referred to as ''category killers." Grrrgh.

But there is much to be said for the smaller and craftier species -- the coyote and the cockroach, of course.

His columns are great stuff, replete with examples, usually a few jokes, and astonishing specifics. Rather than hide behind carefully selected statistics, Dauten ideas real problems and tells you exactly how to fix or avoid them.

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