Thursday, February 16, 2006

WTF Dems?

Stunned is the word. If the press release Secretary of State candidate John Bonifaz put out is accurate, the Mass Democratic Party has slimed its way into GOP ethics territory. Apparently the leadership has changed the rules that would permit rich dude Chris Gabrieli to get on the ballot with a petition of unelected delegates.

In an affront to the party slogan The strength of the party comes from the strength of its people, perhaps they should change it to Everything and everyone for sale — Mass Democrats.

Bonifaz puts it:
"I have no issue if people want to play by the rules. Party rules allow for a previously undeclared candidate’s name to be placed before the convention for statewide office provided that a petition for such purpose is signed by at least 500 of the ‘elected convention delegates.’ But, here, we have party insiders trying to subvert the process just after the completion of the statewide caucuses. This kind of action should be opposed by anyone who believes in fairness and transparency in our primary election process.

"Last night, members of the Democratic State Committee supporting this move tried to mask it as merely an ‘opinion’ interpreting the existing rule. That dog won’t hunt. The phrase, ‘elected convention delegates,’ by the literal meaning of those words, refers only to those delegates elected to the state party’s convention at the caucuses. It does not refer to ex-officio members, such as members of the Democratic State Committee, who are non-elected designated delegates. I urge the Democratic Party’s rules committee to come clean and reverse this action. The integrity of our election process must be protected."

So, what the murmers about Deval Patrick's strong showing have said appear to be true. He's not the machine candidate. So the party will subvert his candidacy. This sleazy move apparently will do just that.

We cruised the party sites and blogs...nothing. Probably tomorrow, we'll see more. The first look is like peeling back the Tupperware from the bottom fridge shelf. Yuck, this stinks!


Shawn Hartman said...

Usually, I stay out of this sort of debate, but I feel it's necessary to clear up the unbelievably false statements being made about what has taken place within the party. Here is a full explanation.

Uncle said...

OmiGAWD! I remember Chris Gabrieli when his constituency ended at the late and unlamented Central Artery...regardless of how much noise he made at Boston municipal gatherings.

I concede I am no obedient Democrat, but a steekin' radical looking for real change. Chris can't get it done. It is just possible that Deval can.

Any party that can't beat Kerry Healey doesn't deserve to be a political party. A body that backs such dinosaurs as this is no party.

Radical freak? Damn right

Anonymous said...

So, just took a look at Jimmy Roosevelt's so-called legal opinion.

Apparently, in Rooseveltian, "selected" means the same thing as "elected".

massmarrier said...

Just so. The arrogance is unbelievable.

They pick the delegates and say, "What could be more democratic?"

From what I've been hearing a lot of DP regulars can answer that and intend to do so.