Wednesday, February 01, 2006

While Reilly Reels

They shouldn't be funny, but Tom Reilly's troubles and indecisiveness in picking a running mate are. Perhaps it's his bloodless, Ichabod Crane look, but Reilly brings a deadpan comedy to Massachusetts governor's race. Yet, we fear that it is all unintentional.

In the recent coverage of Marie St. Fleur, a name recurs. We hope Tommy is noticing. The Tommy and Ralph Show is what should be playing.

If Rep. St Fleur sneaks away to try and clear up her back taxes, maybe Reilly will persuade or beg Ralph Martin to take a leave from his law practice and step up to Lieutenant Governor.

There would be a couple of ironies. First, while Reilly likes to bill himself as law-and-order, Ralph walks the talk. As Suffolk DA he was tough and on duty all the time.

Personal Note: Ralph's kids played soccer with mine in JP. We attended and rooted; so we knew each other. One day at practice, I was there with a bike, ready to wheel out for a ride afterward. Ralph was squinting at my swimming/cycling legs and finally couldn't stand it anymore. "Do you take steroids?" he asked. Always on the job.

Second, Ralph is a Republican, albeit a socially progressive one. His presence could bring many defections, particularly from wealthy suburbs and the exurbs.

In fact, the better ticket might be Ralph as Governor and Ichabod for LG.


Elias said...

I've been saying for months that if Reilly really wanted to but open the current race for Governor all he had to do was get Ralph Martin to "jump the fence".
Ah but I suspect Reilly isn't indecisive or detached so much as unimaginative...Martin for Lt Gov would really shake things up.

Anonymous said...

That doesnt help things at all. Why don't we focus on DEMOCRATS?

I think we need the following.

1. MORE gubernatorial candidates
2. LESS LG candidates!

We need to shake it up and get someone new in there. A female someone perhaps? I've been thinking about this more and more lately. I've been supporting Deval (and I like Tom Reilly just fine) but maybe we need to come out swinging a little harder. Coakley for Massachusetts?

Anonymous said...

Not sure I trust Martin. The conspiracy theorist in me says that Martin is being loyal to his republican roots and destroying the democratic front funner. Martin should jump onto the Republican side but the other shoe is going to drop and the Democratic ticket is wide open. Who saves the day and the party?

massmarrier said...

It's all probably moot. Ralph has done a lot of public service and his partnership at Bingham McCutchen is huge in terms of bucks and power.

I know, like and trust him, but were I he, I would not jump to run for LG or G.