Saturday, March 04, 2006

One Boston Daily Grokking Deval

The days that the Herald owned sports, gossip and the cop beat, while the Globe had politics and straight news are long gone. The past two days illustrate the political aspect damned clearly. The tabloid, the picture paper is hot on politics and the broadsheet lumbers behind.

Friday, the Herald covered the pending battle by Deval Patrick forces to see that interloper Chris Gabrieli goes home to count his money and say he could have been champ. Today, it peeks at where some influential pols are putting their bucks on this race.

The Globe? Well, it's still flogging and featuring the pending health-care compromise. It seems to be buying the Democratic Party leadership's attitude that Deval doesn't count because he's not their Machine-produced doo-bee.

We can't find the Kimberly Atkins' piece, Sources: Deval aims to block Gabrieli on the Herald site. She's in their State House bureau. Maybe the Globe's counterparts could convince her to share her informants.

She reports that Patrick forces don't care any more than the caucus attendants for Gabrieli's end run. While he's strongly abetted by the state Democratic Party in its not-invented-here fit, Gabrieli better come up with some reason other than being a rich dude who can't win any statewide office by the DP convention.

The Herald reports:
Several delegates, angered by state Demorcratic Party chairman Phil Johnston's ruling to let Gabrieli get signatures from any delegeate to the June converntion -- not just those elected at last month's caucuses -- already have refused to sign Gabrieli's petition, sources said.
She also cites an alternate delegate (married to a Patrick staffer) who emailed other delegates. Paul McDevitt included, "We should express our displeasure with the process by refusing to sign any document to expand the candidate pool." That's a hear, hear from here.

On the money trail, Patrick has gotten:
  • $1,500 combined from Kitty Dukaki and Judith Stephenson (wife of Scott Harshberger). Their combined total to Tom Reilly is $0.00, nada, zip, nil, zilch.
  • $1,000 from William Bulger.
From her potential running mates, Kerry Healey has gotten more smiles than dollars:
  • $100 in 2003 from Essex Sheriff Frank Cousins.
  • $500 in 2005 from state Sen. Scott Brown.
  • $800 since 2002 Lawrence Mayor Michael Sullivan.
  • $0 from U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan.
In 2004, Healey gave $250 to Brown in his race. So that further lower real support. It's good she has one or more rich spouses.

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