Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Walker the Talker

Head over to Ryan's Take for a kind-of response from Globe columnist Adrian Walker. That was about the Deval Patrick rally, which Walker said was "squishy" because Patrick did not detail his huge policy and plan.

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Maybe we're jealous because Walker did not respond to our email asking how he could be unaware of the detail that only Patrick has provided in this gubernatorial race. Regardless, Ryan got back a squishy reply:
I've read everything on [Deval Patrick's] website. By the way, most voters won'[t] read the position papers on his website. That's one of the reasons why people, well, campaign. And make speeches. And hold rallies. And those are also good places to talk about what one would do. Thanks for writing.
Amusingly enough, that is a very Republican, avoid-responsibility comment. He might as well have written, "I knew all that, but I'm sure my ignorant readers didn't. "

The fact is that if Walker was aware of the details on Patrick's site, he needed to have written that it was unfortunate that a stump speech did not provide the chance for Patrick to elaborate. Now, Walker owes his readers -- and Patrick -- that.

Nuff said.

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