Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kerry He-ha-ley on Them Filthy Foreigners

Kerry the-Afghan-hound-coiffed Healey caused much snorting and foot stomping in my house this morning. Covered by both Globe and Herald, she told reporters outside a Governor's Council meeting about her fantasy of sealing U.S. borders agin dem damned furriners.

"What we need to do is find a rational way to figure out who deserves to stay here in America and who should be deported for purposes of safety," she started. Then she proceeded to propose the most irrational way she could -- "What I'’d like to see happen is for the federal government to seal our borders, figure out who's here illegally - we think it'’s 11 million people but it could be many more - and then find a process by which we can sort through who could be an appropriate American citizen."

11-plus million in a bunch, in a bunch. Then let the devil sort 'em out.

The kindest correction so far has been from fellow candidate Deval Patrick. He said only, "Sealing the borders? Let's be more serious about problem solving and honest with voters about what we can do."

Instead, she would try to sweep the tide back to the sea. Envision billions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of show-me-your-papers Homeland Security police, quadrupling the Coast Guard, scrambling jets 24/7, fences and walls for tens of thousands of miles. Good thinking, bobblehead!

The executive director of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition
was nicer than I, but not as kind as Patrick. "Sealing the borders, that phrase, frankly, it'’s political red meat. Spending billions of dollars on a border wall doesn'’t make sense but it is good to see the lieutenant governor thinking about what to do with the people who are already here,"” said Ali Noorani.

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Kerry Healey - Out of Touch said...

Mass Marrier - Not only did Kerry Healey make those ridiculous comments, but her aide publicly backtracked for her in the fourth paragraph of the Boston Herald article.

Healey probably gave a 90-second routine on the most superficial aspects of immigration (i.e. “seal the borders”); but, if you asked her to give a fifteen minute overview of the intricacies of immigration, she’d probably be a deer in headlights for thirteen of those minutes...

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