Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Glib Globe Gobs Gov

Well, your local broadsheet cannot manage to provide any insights on the gubernatorial contest, but it's on Mitt Romney's back like a cat escaping a bath. Today's Globe is all gay adoption, all the time.

Spread out the editorial pages and find:
The Herald has a mild editorial that gently takes CC to task. It concludes with what seems obvious to all who do not sit in prelates' chairs:
As a religious institution, it is surely their right to choose that path. Catholic Charities is under no obligation to facilitate adoptions its mother church considers "“gravely immoral."
But it is the neediest children who will be left by the wayside.
So the Globe went into overdrive on this. They have been wishy-washy on other gay-related issues, like Tom Reilly's many blunders on the anti-SSM ballot initiatives and petitions.

Yet, this time, they are shocked, shocked. We suspect this has more to do with kicking the unpopular, absentee governor than issues of fairness and love of children.

It's still amusing.

Postscript: I just noticed that .08 Acres has a take on the lead editorial. As always, sco is kinder than I, but he does object to calling capitulating to the bishops compromising.

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