Saturday, March 11, 2006

Icky Trolls on Adoption

We had several nasty comments on our posts about the shameful Vatican and local bishops' behavior on same-sex couples adopting. Normally, we don't let those through. We never publish those filled with invective or obscenity. However, this issue has gotten a lot of hits and you might like to know what the anonymous loonies say.

For example, on Cardinals Let the Bad Times Roll, we found:
You damn homos have done in now. You have ruined the lives of all these children for the right to have perverted sex. God damn you all. There will be a backlash like you have never seen before over this. You will be lucky if homosexuality is still legal in the Bay State after the dust settles.
Similarly and apparently from a different nameless coot, on O'Malley Takes Ball and Goes Home, one gem was:
Extraordinary that you criticize the organization for choosing not to play by rules that offends its religious principles. Law making, particularly that aimed at forcing changes in belief systems, has consequences, as out Legislature has learned today. So when is GLAD planning to set up an adoption agency to pick up the slack?
These set up a flashback to when I was a little kid, TV's Steve Allen had a great irate routine. Long before Saturday Night Live, his deal was to sit at a desk, put on a porkpie hat, open the New York Daily News (even then very similar in readership and content to our Boston Herald), and read letters to the editor.

The letters were similar to those above: tightly focused, showing poor grammar, expressing ignorance of civics, government and history, and smug to the point of ridiculousness. This all lead Steve to talk faster, pound his fist, and in general act out the dudgeon of the writer.

I can only hope that Anon 1 and Anon 2 felt better for their tirades. They amused me.


Uncle said...

Mass Marrier as a "Damn Homo?" Tooo much!

Sorry they ain't got the balls to be anything but anonymous ranters. I'd just love it if one of those love notes came from C.J. Doyle.

massmarrier said...

You'll notice that at hard-hitting blogs, like MassResistanceWatch, the looping loonies are almost always "anonymous said..." Courage seems to be in short supply on one wing.

Well, if Mr. Doyle or any of his League cohorts come looking for a debate, I'll send him your way. He can start with your Catholic UnCharity.