Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And Now V-Bloggers

I'm not at all sure how bloggers talking politics can be called Beyond the Rhetoric, but there you have it. That pre-election chatter by Jim from Saint Kermit, the Green-Rainbow co-chair and two of us bloggers is on video.

If you just can't stand not seeing us holding forth, click away here. This is a stream or 72MB download. This page has names and the players and action.

To prevent you from getting too excited, I have included my candidates for silliest thumbnail of each of us. Unfortunately, Ryan is too normal looking on the thumbnails page.

Thanks are due again to Jim Henderson and to Mike Benedetti and the rest of the WCCA crew. Saint Kermit wants to host more political roundtables after the election. Bless 'em.

Note 12/12/12: WCCATV dumped these files and broke the links. The link here is in the internet archives.

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Anonymous said...


You look very angry and stressed! What's up? Need a beverage maybe?

susan said...

Nifty. I'm looking forward to watching this when I have a few moments.

I think the term though is "vlogers" You know now we nerdy types like to squish old words to make new ones. :-)

massmarrier said...

I thought it was vloggers with a double g. For the head, I went with what I figured people would make sense of right now. Then again, this show isn't a vlog, so I don't know why I used any form of it at all. Blame the caffeine.

Ryan said...

Ugh, where was some hair gel when I needed it? lol

I thought "Beyond the Rhetoric" was pretty funny, too.