Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Candidates Zing on Gay Marriage

Our favorite topic snuck in this evening's NECN and WGBY debate of the four candidates for governor.

Asked about same-sex marriage and the 1913 laws used to prevent out-of-state homosexual couples from marrying here.

Republican Kerry Healey: We have the right to determine our own marriage (laws). The implication was in favor of the pending anti-SSM amendment.

Independent Christy Mihos: Firmly behind marriage equality. No qualifiers.

Green-Rainbow Grace Ross: I believe that we could outlaw almost anything under the sun. The implication was against the 1913 laws and their enforcement.

Democrat Deval Patrick: The court got it right on marriage equality. He added that the 1913 laws with origins as questionable and as discriminatory as they seem to be ought to come off the books.

Follow-Up: Bay Windows was taking notes and has details on the comments here.

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