Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mitt Wedded to Marriage Ruling

Mealy mouth Mitt, our illustrious, lustrous haired governor did it again. As with the state high court decision in 2003 legalizing same-sex marriage, he is pleading, "I don't like it, but it's the law."

It was a Superior Court decision last week that played by the rules. He and AG Tom Reilly brought out unused 1913 comity laws to prevent homosexual couples from out of state marrying here if it is forbidden where they live. That pathetic and mean spirited move only delays the promulgation of couples legally married here moving elsewhere and 1) just being plain folk, which humanizes them to others, and 2) maybe challenging the other states' restrictions. This time, the judge said, okay, Rhode Island doesn't forbid it, so let their citizens marry here. Hear hear.

Brylcreem adIt shouldn't be funny, but our Cap'n Brylcreem has POTUS envy badly. He wants to distance himself from SSM in that slither to D.C. Yet, as his Republican competitors are quick to point out, he had a couple of years to try to direct the effort to marriage equality here. He did nothing, and by default is as much the father of SSM here as anyone. Thank you, Willard.

According to coverage in today's Boston Globe, he is doing the passive-aggressive thing. Speaking at the New Hampshire state Republican convention, he said, `"I have to follow the law. This is a nation of laws, even if I don't like them."

He shot his big popgun next. The November Constitutional Convention and beyond. "Let the citizens decide. And I'm confident that if the citizens decide it in the privacy of a voting booth, they'll protect traditional marriage."

Of course that would be ideal for the Cap'n. Any decisions would fall well after he's gone. He could blame the next governor, AG and legislature. Forget that he didn't act or lead for years when he had his chance.

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Anonymous said...

Seems the good people at MassResistance are finally doing something useful. On their "blog" they say:
"A group from MassResistance greeted would-be Romney supporters at the NH Republican State Convention on Saturday (Sept. 30). We warned them that Romney is not the pro-family champion he claims to be in his tours around the country."
This is delicious. I hope they continue to pursue this line of public service.