Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Play Nice Reminder

We have had to reject several comments recently. You have to control your baser instincts here.

We reject comments that:
  • Use profanity, either extensively or beyond the mild sort of damn, hell or crap.
  • Include intense ad hominem attacks on anyone, particularly another commenter.
  • Are advertisements for products or services, even if vaguely related to marriage.
  • Are extreme off-topic rants.
None of that should surprise anyone. We have warned folk before. We repeat this only because of a recent spate of uncivilized comments.

Also, because of those who break the rules, we moderate comments. So, it may be minutes, hours or on rare occasion a day before a comment appears. We are sorry, but we find this necessary.

Post on, but as the Firesign Theatre routine goes, "Keep it sweet, Beet. Fightin's out of style. Fun's where the fair's at."
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1 comment:

AW123 said...

i agree with you entirely there is to much unnecessary profanity used these days also descression is the better part of vallour . if you want to say something bad just dont say it Thank you for monitoring this sort of thing