Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Massachusetts Needs a Treat

Locally and nationally, this could be an early Christmas (for those who participate in such). After so many years in Massachusetts of a know-nothing executive branch and a do-nothing senate, Deval Patrick offers the promise -- and threat -- of patching and replacing the broken commonwealth. We dare hang out our political stocking in hopes of edging into the majority in D.C. as well.

In both locales, the long-time majority has disgusted enough Americans, stolen enough from them, and in Congress and the White House's case, caused the deaths of thousands too many of us in unnecessary wars. Here we have a chance at a strong victory, what the Republicans like to call a mandate. In We may get a bare majority in the House. The Senate could well remain in the mire.

While none of that surprises after over a decade of a nation forced into decline, the local poll results for Deval Patrick over Kerry Healey has us as hopeful as a Red Sox fan in the pre-season. Dare we hold for a November 8th victory jig at dawn?

The various polls have Patrick up 24% or more. Without Healey having a brother as the governor, we have a likelihood of a fair election.

Assuming Patrick's victory, we see him with a ton of work:
  • Righting an economy that has stagnated while the country recovered.
  • Ringing alarm bells -- a normal one for House Speaker Sal DiMasi and a super-loud one for the timorous, snoozing Senate President Robert Travaglini.
  • Restoring local aid to foundering cities and towns.
  • Building a transportation infrastructure that supports growth instead of sucking revenue away.
  • Giving the public reason to feel safe and to see their children getting an adequate education.
That's the start.

How much dare we hope for in two weeks? What can we do to make it happen? Oh, yeah, I remember:

Get Your Butt to the Polls November 7th

Absolutely and under no circumstances take the outcome for granted!

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