Friday, October 27, 2006

Letters, Lots of Letters

Waaaaay back when there was a Steve Allen Show, the host would sometimes sit at a desk with the New York Daily News. He'd jam a porkpie or "PRESS" hat on his head, read the irate letters and pound his fist on the desk.

We have our local versions here, more now that our papers have online comments.

If you haven't had enough comment on the New Jersey marriage-equality decision, check what the New York/New Jersey readers have to say here -- and there are many hundreds and building.

Comments range from the curious and sensible:
What is incredibly interesting about the "“judicial activism"” vs "“legislators duty" is the sudden and incredible faith shown by those who hail the proper route of getting things done through legislation as being the correct way to win rights and recognition.
To befuddleddled apples-and-oranges:
Marriages are made under God's laws. To use the fact the love of a same sex partner is alright by God, he'’ll understand, but you are living in sin. Marriage is define in the Bible of a man and a women. The Bible is not outdated for the present times. No Civil or states(US or state supreme courts) laws will supersede Gods; laws. Another example is divorces. Once a man and women are married by God'’s law (not state) you cannot divorce. You can seperate, but to have sex outside of the marraige by God, is adultry. Now the question is can same sex marriages commit adultry? If so, where in the Bible that it says so.
To the appearance offended:
Gays should not be allowed to get married. It goes against religions of all sort and it is looked at the wrong way. I dont want my kids to grow up in society where my kids think it is ok to be gay because it is not. Gay couples look bad next to each other. please people dont let it get out of hand.
And many laissez faire or supportive:
Yes! They should have all the rights guranteed in the constitution for all people. Many same sex couples have been together in spirit and in body for most of their lives. It is for political reasons that they have been placed in the dustbin of the nation for so long.
And many, many decrying the separate but equal possibility of civil unions as legislative game playing.

Clarifying Art: The Times also runs an eludicating graphic of where same-sex couples have rights, any rights. Observe the gaping middle.

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Ryan said...

You know, I just don't understand how a parent could ever say "I dont want my kids to grow up in society where my kids think it is ok to be gay because it is not."

The littlest homophobic comment by a parent would DEVESTATE me when I was younger, even if it wasn't all that serious in nature. When are these people going to realize that being gay isn't a choice? So essentially saying "being gay isn't okay" is damning their kids for life, if they happen to be gay.

Then, of course, this is coming from the same person who said, "Gay couples look bad next to each other." Really?? I hadn't noticed. LOL

massmarrier said...

Just so, and I suspect that the anti-gay folk your age and mine heard that junk from their parents, priests, coaches and teachers.

It must be easier than thinking.