Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Smart People Laughing at Mitt

Hoist the hat to Ryan's Take. He braved the Herald this morning to be rewarded with Margery Eagan dancing the Common Sense Jig all over Mitt Romney's shiny wig.

He has a grand recap with running commentary. You should start with the original.

I won't cannibalize either works. Suffice it to say that she points with a gigantic finger to the base politics of saying the tiny number of same-sex marriages are a threat to the institution. Meanwhile, divorce is the end of over half of all straight marriages and depending on race 40% to 70% of babies are born illegitimately. So, the family agenda should include what now?

It would be humanizing and even cheering to think that the self-identified evangelicals and conservatives who decry SSM are not stupid. Yet when you see and hear the Mitt-style tripe they swallow and ask more of, you have to wonder. Are political affiliations self-selecting by knowledge and reasoning ability?

Our smarmy governor got big cheers at the Sunday gay bash with the illogical drivel he spit out. We already thought badly, very badly of him. Let us consider for a moment the state and minds of those who applaud this.

Check Ryan and Margery for the best nyah-nyahs of the day.

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Ryan said...

LOL "The Sunday Gay Bash." It's too bad gay bashing means what it does, otherwise that sounds like a fun time!