Sunday, October 22, 2006

Healey's Double Dog Dare

We have been trying to keep from additional comments on Kerry Healey's childish and ill-bred behavior at this week's gubernatorial debate. We might have been able to, if only she had not resorted to playground taunts after the event.

As Kim Atkins over at the Herald euphemistically put it, Healey "intensified her push for a one-on-one debate showdown with Deval Patrick." In plainer talk, she played the snide bully with the implication that he was yellow if he didn't meet her one-on-one. Nyah, nyah.

I guess she's finally a real Republican. She wants to change the game when she's losing.

The little candidate who hasn't and couldn't was so firm at the beginning that all candidates appear at all debates. She clearly figured she could work that to her advantage. Now after a couple of months of dirty tricks, dishonorable tactics, slimy ads, and innuendo that insults the voters even more than Patrick, she has changed her mind-ette. Now, she says, the only manly thing that Patrick can do is to change the rules to what she wants.

In her letter, ostensibly to Patrick, but really a straight PR gambit handed to all media, Healey includes the taunt, "You have never struck me as someone who backed down from a challenge, so I'd be surprised if you chose to stand on the sidelines now."

It is to laugh and I hope Patrick is getting his jollies from her desperation. He has met her repeatedly, at shared appearances, as well as at the multi-candidate debates. She ran from every chance before the primaries to go head-to-head or appear with the others. He has never stood on the sidelines. Instead, she chickened out for months.

Now when her campaign is looking thousands of feet into the bottom of the Grand Canyon of Never Was, she gets the mano a mano religion.

I'm delighted that Patrick was too secure to bite on that. She put herself where she is. She never had the experience, wit or credentials for the job. Her campaign is all about lies, rumor and slander. Now she suddenly is whining for a new advantage.

I may have to consider her for a Chihuahua of Retribution Award.

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Blue-Xela said...

It was so incredibly lame on her part Thursday night, to try and corner Patrick into a one-on-one just elucidates her exclusivity-mindset and her disdain for the democratic process. The best was Patrick's retort about how all candidates deserve a chance to be heard. It left him with class, and her, looking like an ass.