Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Catholic Connecting in Connecticut

Putting the catholic in Catholic, the priest of a Windsor Locks, Connecticut, church says he is the town's only cleric willing to perform civil unions. Rev. Mickey Danyluk is pastor of the American Ecumenical Catholic Church there.

He has also officiated at Massachusetts same-sex weddings. He says, "Those of us who support civil unions and same sex marriage have not traded spirituality for sexuality...We are for equality and justice across the board." How refreshing.

His church operates independently of the Vatican. Yet it is clear in its statements of adhering to traditional Catholic creed and liturgy. It is part of the Independent Catholic Movement, which began in Europe in the 1870s, when its clerics did not accept papal infallibility.

Other clerics in the area disagree with his statement that "(c)ivil unions are not about being lustful, but the total giving of self." Of course, the Roman Catholic priest quoted is one. Others include protestants like Pastor David Bergen of the Cavalry Baptist Church, who said, "We at this church will not perform civil unions of same-sex couples because it would be un-Biblical to do so."

Ironically, this underscores the rationale of the Massachusetts court decision that legalized marriage here. Marriages here (any legal type) and marriages and civil unions in Connecticut share a distinction. They are civil ceremonies. The participants have the option of a religious overlay, but that is not necessary.

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