Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pop Goes the Mad Dad

As his lawyer announced yesterday, Lexington's mad dad, avoided taking responsibility for sitting in at the local school. They struck a deal in which he does not have to admit to breaking the law (or to acting stupidly), in exchange for a year's probation.

Watch the fundy sites for claims that this proves his innocence!

This is typical of drunken teenagerS charged with dumb crimes, like tipping a tombstone. The charges go away after that year, so long as he does not repeat such actions or otherwise get in trouble with the law. They can weasel out of paying the price for breaking the law.

According to the news flash on, "Jeffrey Denner, said his client was pleased to reach an agreement that included no admission of guilt."

Nonetheless, the restraining order the mad dad has keeping him from school grounds remains in effect. He must request special permission to go on any Lexington school property as a result of his sit-in.

For someone wont to brag how he controls this situation, that will take a hard spin. Here's betting his supporters ignore that aspect in claiming his innocence.

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mdhatter said...

This guy is a capital I insecure.