Monday, October 17, 2005

Scant Solemnization Records

Apologies in advance for the pending solemnization reports...

After much hoo-ha, we can get a few results. Most have already been destroyed, there is no legal requirement to keep such records longer than one year, and nobody up on the Hill cares.

After frustrating efforts to get either a count of the trends in requests for one-day solemnization designation authority from the governor's office or one for certificates issues, I got a call back from someone Friday. In response to my letter of three weeks ago, Mary Sbardella from the Secretary of the Commonwealth's office said she could provide some of what I want.

It will cost $15 to get an annual count from 2001. Older records are gone. I am lucky that they had not already trashed those beyond one year.

So, it may take another, what three weeks? The figures will be scant, but damn it, our keeper of public records will make these records public.

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