Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Curious Emile Goguen: Yet Again

If you can believe the incredible MassNews site, the ever risible Rep. Emile Goguen is at it again and still. It makes us regret that we have neither a Don Quixote section nor comics pages in this blog.

The latest is that our Fitchburger will pay for "airplane banners, radio ads and similar strategies" to convince the public to recall the four Supreme Judicial Court judges who ruled same-sex marriage legal here. He also expects to convince the judges to resign now, in a panic that they will lose their big pensions if they don't yield to his will.

Yeah, that'll work.

If you are not aware, MassNews regularly runs paranoid pieces on the evils of the owners and editors of the New York Times and Boston Globe. In fact, its recent piece on Goguen quotes him as, "The Boston Globe will no longer be able to censor us. We will get our message out to the citizens."

Also, if you have time and the stomach, browse the site. There are numerous articles claiming to know the thoughts and feelings of Judge Margaret Marshall, the Times' owners and others. The blending of buckets of fantasy and emotion with snippets of fact is astonishing.

The Goguen piece is part of the larger, long-running claim that the judges will be ousted next week. For a flavor, consider the site banner, reading:

8 Days Until Vote on Firing SJC Judges

The promise from Speaker DiMasi to permit a vote on firing the four SJC judges who illegally imposed homosexual "“marriage"” on this state will take place before Oct. 14, 2005, according to the Speaker, who has promised to hold a fair vote with adequate notice to all. Citizens are urged to start calling their state Representative and Senator immediately.

Let's check back in nine days and see how they spin it.


Anonymous said...

I believe Goguen runs a homeless shelter in Fitchberg. I wonder if he is independently wealthly. If he is not, where is he getting the money to pay for all this.

massmarrier said...

Actually, he could do all those things with hundreds of dollars. They are the low end expenses. He's in his 70s, had a successful career in the HVAC business, and has a lot of contacts after a long legislative avocation.

With his base salary of $50K from the state, as well as his retirement funds, those expenses are not much. In addition, he is connected to veterans clubs and the like, probably connecting him with folk who would heavily discount or comp such advertising.

I think he has it covered.

It is a sad way for someone to go out though.

He put a lot of his money and time over the years into the shelter. He attracted others too to his project. That should be the way he leaves, not as regressive and liberty limiter. Then again, hey, he never asked me.