Sunday, October 16, 2005

Menino Attack Ad Available

Menino duckingThe Make Way for Menino attack ad we described by Maura Hennigan's crew is online here. It's a Windows Media file. about 32 seconds, 2.3MB.

quacking duckIt's not bad. There's little content, but the illustrations in the style of Make Way for Ducklings are well done. By the bye, they didn't bother drawing the mayor's face, but for satiric effect, we see a lot of his escaping pants seat.

I am with those who say she needs to produce a real platform instead of picking a handful of examples to suggest that Menino needs to go. Yet, this is likely as effective as the radio spots. Blue Star Media does a good down-and-dirty attack ad. People will pay attention and it is bound to get her some votes.

Maura duckUnfortunately, Maura has always looked a bit cartoonish herself — particularly before she learned how to ease off on the make-up. Now, in this context, when she emerges from a drawing at the end, poof, she looks a bit like barnyard fowl herself.

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