Monday, October 31, 2005

Boston Candidates, Check

In next Tuesday's Boston election, we are strongly for at-large councilor candidates:
Neither of the former mayors' kids, Flynn or White, is worth a vote.

And writing of mayors, we favor Menino, but for quirky reasoning. Hennigan has shown no stuff — no plan, no vision, no reason to take a chance on her. Yet, she wants 30% of the vote or more, so that she can obstruct Menino and have a better chance in four years. We say, rubbish. Trounce her, so that a stronger candidate must emerge for the next mayoral election.


Sportin' Life said...

Uh, isn't it next week? "Tuesday after the first Monday in Novemeber?"

massmarrier said...

Righto, SL. I'll change the post, leave these and make no attempt to hide my error.