Thursday, October 06, 2005

End Run in New Hampshire

In Nam-Sure, a sudden, clever move by a Republican panel member put a one-man/one-woman conclusion on a commission study of marriage. The AP has coverage here or here.

The New Hampshire commission was established by law a year and a half ago. It was charged to "study all aspects of same sex civil marriage and the legal equivalents thereof, whether referred to as civil unions, domestic partnerships, or otherwise." It has held public hearings around the state since this past April.

While the commissioners were hemming and hawing yesterday in their meeting, Republican Senator James Barnes popped up a motion recommending a constitutional amendment defining marriage in the state as between a man and a woman only. The commission had to vote on it and it passed seven to four with two abstaining and two absent. It was almost a straight party vote, Republicans in favor.

That's the way the parliamentary cookie crumbles. Rules are rules.

Barnes said, "Everybody's dancing around it. I thought I'd bring it to a head."

The move leaves ill feelings, as many commissioners were not ready to conclude discussions and wanted to cover more ground, including same-sex marriage. One spongy comment was from Democrat Raymond Buckley. He said, "To jump right to the support of a constitutional certainly thinks that perhaps politics played a large part in this vote."

Ya think so, Ray?

That kind of squishy attitude could certainly account for getting run over.

The aftermath:
  • If the recommendation becomes a bill, it needs three approvals.
  • The House and Senate must pass it by three-fifth majority in each chamber.
  • Voters would have to approve it by two-thirds majority.
Barnes does not expect this to happen by the 2006 election.


Anonymous said...

Your words are seemingly cute and clever, but you don't fool anyone visiting this site.

You're just another mean person fighting like hell to hurt sexual minorities and deny them regular human rights like anyone else.

I am hetereosexual like you, miss, and I'll say this: don't you have anything kinder to do with your time?

Know that, in the long run, you won't succeed. For your prejudice is not part of the future. And justice and common sense will prevail.

massmarrier said...

Well, Anon, your comment deserves a huge, Huh?

Go for something radical -- read the post and skim the blog. You're waaaaaay off base.