Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mad Dad Coming Soon to Your TV

MassResistanceWatch has all the updates on Lexington's mad dad. Click right in to find:
  • His network TV news coverage!
  • His court appearance!
  • His fundraiser!
Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Don't forget to click on the link in the last paragraph. It goes to a very amusing dissection of the mess.


Uncle said...

Every time I read the breathless copy of the Pro-Mad-Dad, anti-gay anything lot, I remember Joseph Mlot-Mroz of Salem. He was the "Polish Freedom Fighter" who picketed in the streets of Salem and Boston. His closely-written signs had a prose style that closely resembled the anti's...either that or a fascist version of Doc Bronner. They, like Joe, also clutch their chests and play sick whenever challenged. We can hope that, like Joe, they will outlive their obsessions, to be revealed not as heroes but as pitiful idiots.

massmarrier said...

Dr. Bronner, eh? Could Joe kill roaches as well as clean your hair?

The more I hear and read about the anti-gay fundies, the less I think they will have changes of heart or head. You must wonder when they lose the current initiatives in Massachusetts and Maine if they will back off at all or even rethink their views. It doesn't look like it.

You're probably right in thinking they will dwindle and increasingly be seen as outliers, cultural artifacts as it were.