Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sig Watch Blessed

After an initial flurry of huffy criticism from anti-gay groups and assorted rightist extremists, Know They Neighbor got a form of government acceptance yesterday. According to KTN, an assistant attorney general wants to leverage any findings of fraud in signature gathering it uncovers.

Note: The KTN link describes how you can check to see whether your name has gone on a petition without your knowledge.

Apparently in reaction to previous instances of professional signature gatherers padding their per-sig commission and other fraud, the AG's office has a procedure this time.

All fraud allegations go to to a newly appointed civil investigator, Nicholas Paras. His office will examine all such claims from any source.

His procedures are:
  1. Immediately contact your Local Town/City Clerk or Registrar. You will have to appear in person with the proper identification. This must be the clerk for the town in which you are a registered voter.
  2. Request that your name be removed from the petition. Document your request and ask if the actual petition that you signed has yet been presented to the Town Clerk. The timing of this request MUST be as near the time of signing as possible as the Town/City Clerk needs to stop the signed copy before it is verified and entered on the log. Attorney Sacks explained that the Town/City Clerks should understand this responsibility.
  3. Document everything, including the reason why you believe that your name should be removed, whether or not your City/Town Clerk was able to delete your name, and if your City/Town Clerk was helpful or not responsive. Copy this information for yourself and send documentation to:
              Nicholas Paras, Civil Investigator
McCormack Building
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 727-2200 x2883

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