Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ban Ban at Con Con?

Same-sex marriage supporters, particularly gay spouses, are not counting their friends until the votes are compiled. According to Can These Marriages Be Saved in the latest Bay Windows, the issue is far from settled.

I may be impatient, but I'm willing to call the defeat of the amendment that would put a ballot question reversing gay marriage in favor of civil unions a certain thing. Several recent articles in the Boston Globe also counted up the newly elected pro-same-sex legislators and noted that the Speaker of the House is pro.

Not so fast, reads the Bay Windows piece. Gay-rights politicians, organizers, and mostly married homosexual couples are actively engaging legislators, particularly those who voted for the amendment last year.

State Rep. Marty Walsh (Dorchester) says the left wing has become complacent. According to the article:
Walsh suggests that now is the time to ratchet up lobbying efforts. "It's very close," he says of the upcoming vote. "Seats have been picked up. And I think a lot of people took a vote against gay marriage last year that took a very bad vote. They feel very bad about the fact that they voted that way and they're on the cusp of realizing it."
Lord knows, the anti folk are certainly calling and visiting.

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