Sunday, May 01, 2005

Poke at Parker

Get your fresh yucks from Eileen NcNamara in today's Boston Globe. Her Great minds don't think column takes off on the mad dad of Lexington. It starts:
I won't make the mistake that David Parker made. I am not going to sit around and wait for my child to come home with morally offensive material covertly planted in his backpack by some public school teacher promoting a political agenda.
Until his trespassing trial on June 1st, we have to make due with such wags. He can parody himself when the time comes.


Eileen McNamara said...

Thanks for citing my article. I think that the book should have included families that comprise of interspecies intrafamily polygamaous heterosexual homosexual arrangement such as my own in which I married my mother, a female pig, my brother, and a transgender cat.

Boston Eye said...

Transgender cat? Now that's really strange.

Eileen said...

Strange, maybe, but who are you to judge, right? I am all for diversity. The more diverse, the better.