Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Joy v. Spite

One year on, Massachusetts saw glad and mad demonstrations to mark the anniversary of legalized same-sex marriage. A big, happy group celebrated and a sad, strange, little one protested.

On the Boston Common, several hundred couples and their kids cheered, laughed and celebrated. A short distance away at the State House, about 16 protesters staged a bit of street theater. Led by the every dour and always self-righteous Brian Camenker, the anti forces included a woman parodying Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Margaret Marshall, ripping up a fake commonwealth constitution. The cons get the art points.

Camenker, executive director of the Article 8 Alliance, is dedicated to firing the four judges who declared same-sex marriage legal here. Despite any supporting evidence, he called the past year "frightening, illegal and despotic." His best trope may have been, "The people of Massachusetts are living under a reign of madness."

Of course, from where he was wailing, one could hear the cheers and joy of the happy families. Take your choice.

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