Friday, May 06, 2005

Johnny No Nads

Showing the lack of courage and muddled convictions for which he is famous, John Kerry told the Boston Globe yesterday that the state Democratic Party shouldn't put support for gay marriage on its platform. It will and he'll be left behind again. Poor JK, never the leader.

Facts are:
  • The Dems here are differentiating themselves from rightwingers and reactionaries.
  • What may not play in Oklahoma works here.
  • The state Democrats are committed to diversity and inclusion, and they'll support same-sex marriage even if the national party does not.
  • Kerry is cowardly, again and still.
  • Republicans profit when Democrats waffle.
Kerry should have learned from his failed Presidential bid that marshmallow politicians get roasted not elected.

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Uncle said...

In his classic, "Those Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Pearl Harbor", Jerry Della Femina tells the tale of a WWII fighter ace turned ad executive who was a quivering mound of indecision. When a critic contrasted his present fear with his past courage, the man replied, "the Nazis never tried to take one of my accounts."

I think Kerry's war record, while admirable, has nothing to do with his positions (or lack of them) today. This latest foray proves it's time for someone with newer ideas and bigger cojones to lead the opposition. Nuance becomes a bad habit after a while.