Thursday, May 19, 2005

Really, Reilly?

Get off the fence, Tommy, say both Democrats and Republicans in Massachusetts. Poor Attorney General and declared candidate for governor Thomas F. Reilly wants it all ways on same-sex marriage. Nobody wants to let his dissemble.

At last weekend's state Democratic convention, he still would not declare. He is in a strongly Roman Catholic state and understandably wants to please those voters (who have a wide range of opinion on the matter, regardless of the Pope's position). His party put a pro-gay-marriage plank in its platform.

Last year, when the court mandated legalization of the marriages came under his jurisdiction, he twitted Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican, saying it was the law of the land and as chief law enforcement officer, he'd see it was obeyed.

Yet privately, he has told several people he favors civil unions.

Yesterday, U.S. Rep. Michael E. Capuano, a Democrat, took his shot at Reilly as quoted in the Boston Globe. "I'm not happy that the current front-runner doesn' know whether he's for or against (same-sex marriage)."

Capuano himself has declared. He's in favor. Also, he has not ruled out running for governor.

On the Republican side, they are having a good time drawing attention to Reilly's gutlessness, saying he runs from the issue like its "the plague."

By trying to please all, Reilly seems to have offended all.

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