Monday, May 16, 2005

“FRESH” FISH in Lexington

You know those store signs that make you ask what they were thinking or at least where did they go to school? Well, it shouldn'’t be funny, but the quotes and air-quotes types are at it with vigor. Do check out the current Mass Resistance blog entries, particularly David Parker'’s Civil Disobedience the Only Way He Could Be Heard.

There, you’ find quotes around marriage, news story, husband and wife. It's defamation by punctuation.

If you have the stomach, check out the Article 8 Alliance site entry on Parker. The guy wanted to be arrested, he pushed until he got the minimum, trespassing, and yet the A8A folk portray him as victim. They like to quote safety, marriage and most important trespassing.

The local weekly Minuteman is pretty conservative, particularly for Massachusetts. However, it gets the blame for a two week total of 25 against the mad dad and 4 in favor of him. We are apparently to think that the newspaper scrounged up negative comments and squelched positive ones, rather than think that Mr. Parker might be an outlier and not a leader, someone out of step with education, ethics, liberty, honesty and of course, law.

The people against handing control over the curriculum to individual, one-trick ponies of parents get the calumnies – fascists, lesbian radical activists –– in a piece that concludes:
Indeed, perhaps we need only put the David Parker and Brian Camenker types in charge to feel free again.

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