Tuesday, May 31, 2005

With Many One?

Just when it seemed the anti-same-sex-marriage folk had the oddest interpretations, along comes the polygamy people. One lenghty essay asserts that both pro and anti folk support multiple-partner marriages. It picks the parts it wants from the Supreme Judicial Court decision to make its case. Then it turns to the anti folk.

For a flavor the carefully chosen arguments, read the whole work. An abbreviated argument for the latter group includes.
First, polygamy creates an even more "favorable setting for procreation."

Second, polygamy empowers wives who want to stay home with the children, equally empowering other wives who want to work. It motivates men to profound maturity and responsibility. Children can be raised at home by family members who love them - rather than being raised by low-paid strangers at daycare. Unquestionably, that creates an "optimal setting for child rearing."

Third, polygamy can free abandoned single moms from the "work-just-to-pay-for-day-care" cycle, empowering them to leave or avoid the welfare trap. That helps to preserve "scarce State and private financial resources."
Where’s Joseph Smith when he’s needed?

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