Friday, May 27, 2005

Doyle Foiled

What was he thinking? The persistent-in-the-face-of-the-facts C. Joseph Doyle got the Massachusetts high-court rejection we all expected. Today, the Supreme Judicial court rejected his flimsy appeal of his failed effort to block all further same-sex marriages until maybe the issue gets to a commonwealth constitutional convention and just maybe again passes.

As executive director of the Catholic Action League, Doyle argued oddly that because his folks and others were fighting the marriages, that these activist judges (smirk) should halt the marriages...just in case.

Of course, their is no legal basis for his argument, just shots in the dark. However, Mr. Doyle was not put off by that. A single judge, Roderick Ireland, had already turned him down. He then had to fight on the even slimmer appeal that maybe something was wrong with that decision. The law had been fully explained to Doyle; he just didn't like the answer.

Doyle says he'll fight on, aiming for the amendment to the constitution. Ho hum.

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