Monday, May 02, 2005

Half-Hearted League

Lackaday, oh, Catholic Action League, can you not call in a celestial favor?

From the questioning today at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the appeal of the loss in the suit to halt same-sex marriages is a loser. As the plaintiff attorney, Chester Darling put it, " "I'm not too confident. We had an inference that it was a little negative from our point of view."

[Darling should have good judgment about such things. His very conservative Citizens for the Preservation of Constitutional Rights Inc. has lost some notable reactionary cases, like trying to keep a crèche on Lexington green over the town's objection. You can check out his scorecard and legal interests here.]

The justices grilled Darling, but didn't ask the GLAD attorney, Michele Granda, anything. For example, the gist of the suit and appeal is that ongoing same-sex marriages prevent debate on the subject. Justice Robert Cordy pressed Darling for some rational to support that crucial point. Then he remarked, "It seems to me, if anything, it's been enlivened on this subject."

Speaking after the hearing, Granda said it simply, ""They've had their day in court...(where the questions) " made clear they don't see how Mr. Doyle has been harmed in any way by the issuance of marriage licenses."

I guess the hard part of being a whiner is finding attentive listeners.

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