Friday, May 06, 2005

Wolfy, Wolfy

Where is the bad stuff? We here in Massachusetts read and heard a lot about the terrible things that would befall us if we let homosexual couples marry. We’re still waiting.

Some partnered couples have had to get married to keep their benefits when their private companies changed their plans. The IRS’ refusal to recognize the marriages in light of the Defense of Marriage Act means that a couple thousand couples have to fill out extra tax forms. These and similar issues so far are inconveniences that fall largely on the same-sex couples.

We are still waiting for what the anti-same-sex marriage folk promised would be awful cultural, financial and legal problems. They did have to stake out their positions. However, it certainly makes them harder to believe as a year goes by and there was been no crisis or panic.

Vermont has had its civil unions for five years. It is also still awaiting serious problems. They don’t seem to have had a single appearance of an angry diety either.

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