Thursday, July 14, 2005

Busy in California

Maybe California should change its animal from the bear to the beaver. Despite recent and pending same-sex-marriage decisions (and in some cases because of these), there's much agitation and action on the We(s)t Coast. To wit:
  • A pushy bunch wants the state to bypass the Court of Appeals and hand gay marriages directly to the state's Supreme Court. The wrinkle is that both sides want this. Attorney General Bill Lockyer is defending the DoMA-style restrictions. The city of San Francisco and a dozen homosexual couples have joined in the request, with the aim of Massachusetts-style full marriage.
  • As of July 12th, Sacramento is still at work too. Gay marriage is swimming with the fishes since the Senate Judciary Committee slipped a measure legalizing same-sex marriage into a fisheries research bill. Last month, such a bill (gays, not guppies) barely failed in the Assembly. Three votes the other way will make the difference this time.
  • Downstate, the Los Angeles City Council seized on that vote to pass unanimously a resolution supporting same-sex marriage in the state. This is a symbolic gesture, and two anti folk on the Council walked before the vote to permit the unanimous count.

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