Friday, July 22, 2005

Turnabout: No Fair

Ironically (and from a distance somewhat amusing) is the refusal of the Oregon Republicans to let the voters decide civil unions. In Massachusetts and Maine, the conservatives are screaming that it is only (lowercase) democratic to let voters have their say on important issues.

In Salem, House Speaker (and Republican) Karen Minnis is refusing to risk legalizing civil unions by letting voters vote. Citing a same-sex-marriage ban vote last fall, she imperiously holds now, "This issue has been greatly discussed; it's been voted on."

Catch all the latest hypocrisy here.

Democrats, other liberals and gay-right advocates are calling, writing, holding rallies and telling everyone they want the voters to decide. Governor Ted Kulongoski agrees that Minnis is blocking the letter and spirit of democracy.

Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown is one of many who pointed out that Massachusetts/Canada style marriage is one thing and civil unions quite another. She and other civil-union supporters point to a voter poll after the Measure 36 ban on marriages that found 49% favor civil unions, 30% oppose them, and 21 are undecided.

Hmmm. Sounds like a vote is needed eh?

Not to Minnis. She retorts, "When you amend every marriage statute we have on the books, that is a clear violation" of the same-sex-marriage ban.

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