Friday, July 01, 2005

Outlying Insights

We are still coming to terms with the very literal thinking of many of the anti-gay folk. The confluence of recent laws and blogs bubbles them above ground. For two examples, look to A Catholic Life and Christway Prayer Life.

These are not the spite nasties we have seen and heard so much of recently, particularly in New England. Instead, they seem honestly stunned that Roman Catholics would dare to challenge church pronouncements. The implication is that they are fighting God by doing so.

Kane Rydell at the all-prayer-all-the-time site comments:
It is utterly amazing to me that in a nation that is mainly Roman Catholic would allow for Gay Marriages to become legal. But that's what happened yesterday. Another nation has decided to have war with God. This nation needs our prayers. I hope that people who visit this site will pray for all nations but especially for Spain, Canada and America.
That's both touching and a bit sad. Check your brains at the door. The Pope and priests will tell you all you need to know and how you must act.

Yet, in France, Italy, Spain and even very Roman Catholic towns like Boston, birth control, divorce, abortion and voting patterns remain individual decisions. Catholics I know well say they consider the church's teachings...consider.

Likewise, over at A Catholic Life, we find:
That is extremely sad that people that consider themselves Catholic would go against Church teachings. Look clearly to St. Francis and other saints; St. Francis was a man that greatly opposed the bureaucracy of the Vatican at the time, but he remained and loved the Catholic faith.

If you begin to doubt just one article of the faith or a moral teaching then you begin the loose the entire faith. This has been proved time and time again when people leave the Church because they believe in their own morals and ideas. But, in truth, only God's morals matter because, after all, it is the Ten Commandments, not the Ten Suggestions.
So, it's war with God or one strike and you're out for these guys. What's sad here is how out of touch and out of tune they are with the larger Catholic world.


Uncle said...

My maternal Irish grandmother, who had more spine and more stones than any politician alive today, once said she would never forget how little Irish, French and Italian kids would literally burn alive in Lowell, so that their parents could leave them at home with an overstoked stove, and go to mass to avoid figuratively burning in hell. This was powerful stuff coming from a woman who never went past 5th grade. Odd how experience can parallel alleged liberal propaganda.

I think I most resent that my Irish Catholic ancestors were conned into giving up so much of their sustenance and self-respect to support such a colossal fraud. The one good from this "debate" is how much it exposes the lies.

massmarrier said...

So, did the kiddies get to go directly to heaven without a limbo? There is quite a parallel with toasted saints -- Jeanne d'Arc, for one. Express elevator!

Now when I was dating Roman Catholics in high school and would go to Mass with them, the wee bairns were always there, writhing in boredom, looking about and occasionally getting the keep-still swat. Were those in you grandmother's ken supposed to be scullery slaves and cook in their parents' absence? I think I’d sooner give my youngest the keys to the car than trust him to cook a full meal while I was gone.

Uncle said...

I think that in those days it must have been a mortal sin for babies to cry in church.

When I went to church, there were moments when I wished the parents of select infants would take the express lane to Hell, or at least give the brat a shot of Jack Daniels.