Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gay Couple's Spanish Wedding

With 20 family and friends, plus 50 media folk, Emilio Menendez and Carlos Baturim married in Tres Cantos, north of Madrid, Spain, yesterday. It was the nation's first same-sex marriage.

You can see them here. A better picture and Spanish coverage is here. The latter report, in Spanish of course, gives nice color missing in the English press, such as the wedding ended with a reading of Pablo Neruda.

As typical of Massachusetts same-sex marriage, this was no whim. They had been partners for over 30 years.

Numbers from Spain include:
  • the Justice Ministry estimates 10% of the population is gay
  • 50 homosexual couples may have already filed for licenses
  • the BBC reports that over 5,000 such couples intend to wed
So the question arises again, as in the Netherlands, Belgium and Massachusetts, where's the harm? Also, Satan has not risen in glee to swallow these sinner locales, nor has Jehovah smitten them. Think. Think. Think. What can this mean?

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