Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Canadians, Don't Go There

Well, we haven't heard it from the U.S. State Department to Massachusetts gay marrieds. However, Foreign Affairs Canada warned same-sex married couples about traveling where their status is frowned upon or illegal.

According to The Globe and Mail, Foreign Affairs Minister Communications Director S├ębastien Th├ęberge said that part of his ministry's job is t "tell Canadians what we can't do for them."

The brief statement
featuring Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew does detail countries. However, it points to the consular affairs Website for laws and rights in particular countries. One example was Qatar, where "homosexuality is illegal. Convicted offenders may face lengthy jail sentences, lashing and/or deportation."

More probably, according to Pettigrew, a couple would be turned away at customs and not allowed to enter. His statement continued:
"We cannot take for granted that rights that are recognized in Canada will be recognized or accepted abroad," added Minister Pettigrew. "Whether visiting or moving to another country, Canadians should always take the time to learn about the laws of the country for which they are destined before leaving home."


Anonymous said...

I wonder what Minister Pettigrew thinks of the unruly land to his south! Should gay Canadian newlyweds risk a trip across the U.S. border?

massmarrier said...

Well, if they drive through Vermont directly into Massachusetts, they should be okay...this week.

Seriously though, that's a chilling thought that our Land of Greater Texas might try to forbid same-sex married couples. It's pathetic enough that all those states reinforced their laws to turn their backs on full-faith and credit by refusing to recognize Massachusetts SSMs.

Now that you mention it, I bet there are U.S. legislators who would like the idea of forbidding gay marrieds from entering. Lord knows, we have denied visas to enough distinguished foreigners for cultural and political differences.

Of course, Canada has its own bunch of those yahoos, just a smaller percentage. Yet it has been enough legislatively.