Friday, July 01, 2005

UCC Geeks with Blogger

Putting its long neck way out on the chopping block, the United Church of Christ is set to endorse same-sex marriage at its synod, starting today in Atlanta, Georgia. You can check out the blog posting here.

Chuck Currie is going to be tickling the keyboard as lead blogger.

This walk-it-like-you-talk-it group of Christians is giving the Unitarians a run for the most-liberal title. (By the bye, the churches do education projects and others together already.) They list 1.3 million members in over 6,000 congregations. It is very refreshing here to see self-identified Christians who actually practice Jesus' teachings of love, tolerance and social action.

They have a long and impressive list of resolutions (their to-do list for the year). You can check out their marriage equality one here. (It's a PDF.)

In Atlanta on Tuesday, speaking at Emory University, the church's head, the Rev. John H. Thomas endorsed same-sex marriage. He wants the Synod to vote to "affirm the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender persons" to have marriages "equal in name, privileges and responsibilities to married heterosexual couples.

"I believe our local churches, as they are able, should move toward the development of marriage equality policies."

Damned Christian of him, as the expression goes.

For the call for Rev. Thomas' resignation, see Yuck within UCC.

For civil-rights leaders on the marriage equality resolution, see Show some `nads.

The vote on the resolution is here,


Anonymous said...

Dag-gone, Marry... this whole thing with the Church of Christ is really blowing my neighbor's mind here in Delroy, West Virginia!

I'm a translatin' for him on the blog, 'cause... well... he ain't been able to work much lately and the phone company cut his line... so he's a askin' me if I can find out a few more details fur him.

The Church of Christ preacher down here in Delroy run my neighbor (Caleb) off when he went down to see about gettin' married.

See, Caleb is head over heels for his sister (Myra Jean)... and he says she feels the same 'bout him.

Anyway... the preacher at the Church of Christ said they couldn't get married 'cause the Bible speaks agin that sort of thing. Caleb's own Momma ain't much fur it neither.

So when Caleb heard that the United Church of Christ was meetin' in Atlanter this-a-week,
why he was all ears because of that preacher - John Thomas - who came out fur gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transexuals (I suppose even metrosexuals too) gettin' a real church weddin'.

So Caleb says to hisself... if the head preacher in that Church of Christ is fur full marryin' equality... then why ain't the preacher here in Delroy gettin' with the program?

That John Thomas feller doesn't refer to the Bible in his four page monograph on marryin' - he just quotes from a few hymns (hims). So Caleb figures if that preacher can base matrimony on hymns (hims) instead of Scriptures... why... he and Myra Jean is as good as hitched!

He's just a pinein' to hear more from the get-together in Atlanta!

Caleb has one other fall-back, though, in case that John Thomas feller won't do the weddin'....
if Myra Jean were to get one of them sex-changin operations... then she'd be a he... a brother
instead of just a sister... then could they go ahead with the weddin? Caleb'd like to have Myra Jean come down the isle a marchin' to the old hymn (him) "I'll Live for Him" (if they have to go the route of the sex-changin operation an all).

An heck... since everybody now-a-days is created equal in the eyes of the Lord Almighty... if the thing with Myra Jean don't work out as sister... or brother in the sex-changin operation... is there a way to get hitched to one of the fur-bearin' critters a runnin' around these parts? Ol' Caleb is just a wantin' to marry somethin!

So tell Preacher John to get ahold of ol Caleb just as soon as the Church of Christ down yonder figures up who all there a gonna let run down the isle. Poor boy needs an answer... and the local preacher here in Delroy ain't a budgin none on his take of the Bible.

Thanks a ton... Caleb's neighbor

massmarrier said...

CN -- I hope you didn't hurt anything with all that typing. Thanks for the saga, though.

Perhaps if things don't work out in Northwest Ohio, you can pass through West Virginia on your way to Massachusetts. Unfortunately, it is against the law in your state, here, and even in West Virginia for Caleb and his sister to wed. However, why don't you and Myra Jean hitch up here? Then you can find someone for your chum to marry.

Perhaps if Caleb can read, you can send him to the UCC site (, where he'll find a wide variety of related material. Some quotes scripture. There are many calls to support and affirm both traditional marriage and that expanded to homosexuals. He can also find the history of marriage evolution.

Again, alas for him, there is a near universal taboo against sibling incest. He'll have to broaden his objects of desire a bit.

Anonymous said...

Hey! We UUs have been marryin' "teh gay" since the 70s. I mean, I certainly like the UCC and all, and this past week's news is indeed fantastic (and big), but "Giving the Unitarian[ Universalist]s a run for" our "most-liberal" belt? I'm, er, skeptical.

Take a look at our case:

- Atheist Who Hasn't Kicked the Church Habit

P.S. The MCC probably ought to be in the running for "most liberal" church as well. Though I'm still backing my horse.