Thursday, July 28, 2005

Maine: The Game is Afoot

The Maine Secretary of State certified that the effort to rescind gay rights will go to the voters in November. This maintains the hold on the law that added sexual orientation to anti-discrimination laws.

The anti-gay folk needed 50,519 voter signatures. Late this afternoon, Secretary Matt Dunlap said that 56,650 signatures have been accepted. Only 6,826 were rejected. In the past 30 days, his office has reviewed 5,869 petitions in the effort.

There is a 5-day period to challenge this ruling, but there is virtually no chance of this not going to voters.

Maine Won't Discriminate
will spearhead the pro side in efforts to keep the law on the books. It will be joined by Equality Maine. The usual suspects — Christian Civic League, its Maine Grassroots Coalition, and Maine Coalition for Marriage will try to repeal gay-rights for the third time.

On paper, the anti folk should lose this time. Polls of voters show a majority favor gay rights of this type, while still opposed to civil unions and same-sex marriage. You can join Maine Won't Discriminate and contribute to its efforts on its site, or Equality Maine on its site.

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